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Food has become an enemy and a form of self-sabotage for so many, rather than to be used for enjoyment to fuel our bodies. I don't believe there are good or bad foods, though nutrients do feed our brains and bodies in different ways. The more rules we create around food, the more we create cravings and obsessions rather then a sense of peace and control.


While I specialize in treating those of all ages with eating disorders, I work with treating a broad spectrum of other nutrition concerns - from helping those with gastrointestinal issues and guiding women through healthy pregnancy's. ​


I had ten years of experience working with a treatment team who provided inpatient care to both women and men struggling with eating disorders. In 2013, I began my private practice to better address the needs of my patients. I completed my undergrad at UNC with a BS in Human Nutrition, followed by a Masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. I am also a Registered Dietitian.  

My Pronouns: She/her

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