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A complete approach to nutrition therapy means considering not only a client’s physical needs but also their psychological, social, and spiritual goals. We are much more likely to sustain our health goals when we take a more balanced approach instead of focusing on eating alone. In addition, nutrition messages tend to focus on mostly negative, over-exaggerated, and even conflicting advice about what is good and bad and what we should or should not be putting in our bodies. This leaves us feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and not knowing what to eat. I will work closely with you to help bring balance back into your life and to feel more comfortable, confident, and even excited about your food choices and your body.  


I am a firm believer in a "back-to-basics" approach to eating and will work with you to develop long-term, sustainable strategies for achieving a healthful lifestyle. Food is my passion, and I am a graduate of Bauman College, a nutrition-based culinary school. I like to combine my culinary and dietary backgrounds and can help you with simple food preparation techniques and healthy eating habits. 


For more than a decade, I have worked with clients of all ages and at all levels of care, specializing in all eating disorders and excessive dieting. I was formerly Lead Dietitian at the Eating Recovery Center, where I continue to see patients on an as-needed basis. In addition, I have counseled clients in diabetes, cardiovascular health, weight loss, and maternal and pediatric nutrition in some of the top hospitals in the country. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and received my Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Rutgers University. I completed my Dietetic Internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital, the Medical School for Columbia and Cornell Universities. 

My Pronouns: She/her

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