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I am a non-diet registered dietitian specializing in disordered eating and eating disorders. I began in this field in 2011 and have worked with both adolescents and adults at various levels of acuity including post graduate work at Denver Health ACUTE and Eating Recovery Center. I have intuitive eating training and believe in a Health At Every Size (HAES) approach. 

A bit about my philosophy/approach- I believe that nutrition enriches our lives by fueling our bodies to do the things we love with the people we love. This harmony is often disrupted by our busy lives, individual struggles, and the overwhelming amount of conflicting nutritional advice out there in the world. I provide compassionate and patient guidance to help you reach your goals by sharing evidence-based information, helping you notice patterns in your diet, encouraging balance moderation and variety, and challenging you to make the changes needed to find a more peaceful relationship with food and your body.

I’m also a Wyoming native, bookworm, gardener, s’more consumer, and when not working can be found out exploring the world with my two young kiddos and rambunctious rescue pups.

My Pronouns: She/her

Sollus Nutrition Therapy 

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