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  • Lauren Moore

What do you mean you're a "non-diet" dietitian?

Can I tell you something that may both surprise you, entice you, AND make you feel like running for the hills (or maybe just a different practitioner who will provide you false promises)? I don’t care about your body; I don’t care about its shape, size, weight, fitness capabilities…none of it. And to really freak you out, I don’t care what you eat either. I don’t care if it’s white or brown or green or red. I don’t care if it’s Doritos or a kale salad. Are you wondering why I still have a job? If you’re still here then hear me out.

I guarantee that somewhere along your life you were told (and probably are still) that fat bodies, “unfit” bodies, or bodies that do not line up with the current cultural standard are “wrong”. I bet you were told this in lots of different ways, maybe you heard that you would be more attractive at a different weight/shape, or you were praised for working out every day, or you were told that you should eat “healthy” and to avoid sugar, or your mom asked you to suck in your stomach, or that your BMI indicates “yada, yada, yada”. Unfortunately, we’re submerged in a culture that validates that your body matters, that how hard you work on your body and the quality of the food you eat makes you a better person. These standards for your body, no matter the way you identify, is a social construct; someone made it up and it’s a constantly moving target. Feeling duped yet? We’re just getting started.

The fact is that your body size is not an indicator of your wellness. I know this scientifically - weight is sometimes correlative with health conditions/illness but is not causative (meaning, your weight sometimes goes up or down when you’re not well but the weight itself isn't the issue - it’s typically your behaviors and/or several other reasons). Most importantly, I also know that your worth is not defined by your weight. Even if your weight doesn’t fit our society’s standards for “healthy” has NOTHING to do with whether or not you’re a good person although it feels like that sometimes, huh? And (not to beat a dead horse) even if you were unhealthy in your body, it is YOUR body and YOU get to decide. Now, some times in the process of getting well your weight will change because it should as you change your behaviors to align with your values - whether that be up or down. This isn't up to me to decide, it’s your body’s decision.

As far as the food you put in your body goes, it’s actually quite simple. It’s carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to live and a little sneeze of micronutrients if you’re feeling like it. Oversimplified, yes, but ultimately it’s up to your body to decide what you want and need. But if you aren’t connected to your body and your inner voice is squashed down there below all the diet rhetoric then it’s not going to be very clear. Sometimes some good ol’ guided and supported eating plan with your friendly non-diet dietitian can help you get back to your nutritional baseline. It’s here where you’ll find that quieted inner voice; your intuition.

Ultimately, I want you to work on prioritizing the things that matter most in your life and allow your body to hold you up. I want you to listen to what your sweet, worthy body has to say to you instead of listening to the fear tactics that our world is blasting to further its own agenda (not yours). I want you to find your way to physical activity that lands your body and your head back together not further apart. My commitment to you is that my office is a safe place for you to explore what keeps you stuck and also a judgement free zone if you’re feeling like it’s too much right now; I understand and am here when you’re ready to find yourself again. The goal in this process is to connect you back with your most authentic and true self, it’s gotten lost along the way but I promise it’s in there. I know that your body may feel like it matters right now where you are standing but that is because our world has some work to do. Let’s start with you.


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