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Nutrition counseling for eating disorders, disordered eating, intuitive eating, gut health, and sports nutrition. 

sol.lus/, [ˈsɔl.lʊs] English [soh-luh s]-  latin  for whole, entire, unbroken

Our Philosophy

Our eclectic group of Colorado nutritionists and dietitians believe in providing care where we treat your entire self in order to bring your whole body and mind healing. Everyone can learn to normalize their eating patterns and enjoy food and exercise while avoiding the unhealthy spiral of constant obsession.


 - Gut health: We guide those who seek relief from their digestive tract conditions, as we recognize that healing the gut with nutrition counseling is essential in cultivating a healthy mind and positive body image. 


 - Sport nutrition/Athletes: We provide an open space to support athletes who want to incorporate optimal nutrition to help them reach fitness goals

 - Eating disorders: We have worked with many individuals who are at constant war with their body and food. As eating disorder dietitians, we believe everyone deserves the right to break free from this debilitating cycle. We help each individual explore and seek understanding about the root of their thoughts and experiences linking food and body image, and provide tools and insight to set realistic and attainable goals. 

We help clients understand their body's functional nutrition and exercise needs while understanding their metabolism. We see each individual and body as unique and therefore nutritional therapy is customized for each person.

We collaboratively help clients understand their expectations and desires of their eating and activity patterns. We strive to meet every client's needs while focusing on their current experience, and push them to dig deep within to challenge themselves to make changes. 

It is critical to have a strong support system when one is choosing to embark on a major life or behavioral change; whether thi
s support system includes a dietitian, other therapists, family and/or friends, we will work together to incorporate the necessary support to help you achieve your personal goals. 

If you're looking for an eating disorder dietitian, holistic nutritionist, nutritionist for anorexia, binge eating, or bulimia, intuitive nutritionist, or sports nutritionist in Denver, Breckenridge, or virtually in Colorado, contact us to schedule a consult.

Janelle Hunt | Eating Disorder Dietitian, Denver

Janelle Hunt, MS RD

Founder and Director

Emily Farzley | Denver nutritionist, eating disorder

Emily Forzley, CEDRD

Registered Dietitian


Shane Bates, MS RD

Registered Dietitian

Super Health Food


Nutrition assessment and follow ups:

Virtual & in-person -  

Denver, Colorado

Insurance: We are in-network with many Aetna, Cigna, United and UMR plans.

Nutritionist in Denver


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