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  • Janelle Hunt

Unraveling the Pathways: Exploring the Difference Between Functional Nutrition and Holistic Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, there are various approaches that prioritize overall health and well-being. Two commonly discussed approaches are functional nutrition and holistic nutrition. While they may share similarities, each approach offers unique perspectives on optimizing nutrition and promoting wellness. Let’s delve into the difference between functional nutrition and holistic nutrition, shedding light on their core principles and guiding philosophies.


While there is some overlap between functional nutrition and holistic nutrition, here are a few key distinctions:


Focus: Functional nutrition primarily aims to identify and address the root cause of specific health concerns, while holistic nutrition takes a more comprehensive approach, considering the whole person and promoting overall well-being.


Personalization: Functional nutrition is highly personalized, employing in-depth assessments to tailor recommendations to an individual's unique needs. Holistic nutrition also personalizes recommendations but places greater emphasis on balance and harmony within the entire being.


Root Cause Analysis: Functional nutrition extensively explores biochemistry and physiological imbalances to identify root causes. Holistic nutrition incorporates a broader range of factors including physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Mind-Body Connection: While both approaches acknowledge the mind-body connection, holistic nutrition places greater emphasis on this aspect, recognizing the impact of thoughts, emotions, and stress on overall health.


At Sollus Nutrition Therapy, we work on incorporating functional and holistic approaches. We help client’s practice mindful eating, stress reduction techniques, and cultivating a positive relationship with food, while addressing root causes of concerns and creating personalized and effective protocols. We see every client as completely different, which allows an individualized approach. This is also the reason we incorporate a team approach. A team may include a therapist, psychiatrist, medical doctor and/or naturopath, as each clinician can bring different pieces to help the whole puzzle fit together properly.


Consulting with qualified professionals in these fields can provide guidance and support in adopting a nutrition plan that aligns with individual goals and needs.


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