Transitional Eating Disorder House Coming Soon!

Imagine a world without eating disorders.

Imagine a world where all of your friends or loved ones with an eating disorder are free to move on with their lives - released from their struggles.

Imagine a world where people not only get treatment for their eating disorder, but then have the opportunity to live in a collaborative, supportive environment to practice all that they learned.

Imagine the impact they could have on the world if they were fully recovered.

THAT  is the world I am passionate about creating.

THAT  is the world that will be a better place because of the art, science, math, literature, music, etc that will be created by some of the most intelligent, empathic clients I have ever served….once they are firmly ensconced in their recovered life.


Hi! I’m Dana McDowell, a Denver-based Eating Disorder Specialist and Coach. I am so passionate about this vision that I, with my colleague and friend, Janelle Hunt, RD, am CONVERTING MY HOME  into Colorado's first full-time, transitional living program for people recovering from eating disorders.


We are creating a 6-month program that will give people the supportive environment to practice and expand their eating disorder recovery skills while learning to balance recovery with their day-to-day life responsibilities.


Year after year, I watch with a heavy heart as clients return to treatment centers. It’s not enough to get treatment (although that is necessary!). Where I continued to see people fail was in successfully bringing what they learned in treatment into their everyday lives.


Without dedicated support, it’s just too easy to relapse into old patterns. I discovered that you can’t do just treatment without learning to navigate the daily stressors of adulting – and you can’t learn to navigate the daily stressor of adulting AND managing a meal plan until you’re out of the treatment center and back in your life. Such an ugly catch 22.


Located near the Rocky Mountain foothills, just outside of Denver, we’re creating a beautiful environment to make the dream of sustained recovery a reality! We will be providing a “sober living” home of sorts – just for eating disorders. Teaming up with recovery coaches and dieticians, participants will have support for meal planning and prep, grocery shopping, cooking meals, and learning how to navigate the challenges of adult life.


Part of the vision I have is to create a large communal garden where participants will have a chance to reconnect to themselves, to their food and to the earth. Surrounding that garden will be mindful walking paths, meditative nooks to spend time reflecting, and chickens (yes, chickens!) to help tend.


ALL of this will be lovingly created within the landscaping of a Memorial Garden. A garden to honor those who are struggling. A garden to honor those who lost the battle. A garden to honor the families who have stood by their loved ones. And most importantly, a garden to memorialize the hopes and dreams of those who are committed to recovery, one step at a time.


We would love your support to make this dream a reality. The cost to bring this vision into reality is $40,000. We are turning to the eating disorder community to ask for support to bring this vision to life.


Every contribution counts! We believe that together, as a Community, we can make the biggest difference in helping people achieve total recovery.


Donations up to $75 will receive a Thank Your card created by Enchanted Dichotomy, a Denver-based artist in recovery.


Donations from $76-$150 will go towards a Red Street Paver Brick (3" x 3" x 1/2") that will be incorporated into one of the mindfulness walking paths we will create in the garden. It can be engraved with up to three lines (16 characters max per line, including spaces) in honor of a loved one or with encouragements for program participants to keep up the fight.


The first six donations of donations from $151-$299 will get to name one of the 6 chickens we will be acquiring. These chickens will be tended to by our participants and will provide fresh eggs for their meals.


The first two donations of $350 will receive a scholarship to Anita Johnston’s ​​New Crescent Moon 8-week interactive, private coaching course (the next one starts end of January). Retail value is $497 each. This can be gifted to a friend or someone in need. For more information about the program, please visit:


Donations of $351-$500 will enable a tree to be planted, with a plaque and message secured at the base of the tree. The tree could be planted in honor of a deceased loved one, or in recognition of someone who has recovered, or is recovering. (Our garden design includes at least 3 new trees to be planted.)


Thank you for taking a moment to consider how you can be of support to help make this vision a reality!