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Three Questions With Shane Bates

With 10 years of experience as a registered dietitian under her belt, Shane Bates at Sollus Nutrition Therapy is not only encouraging healthier lifestyles but also helping clients form new, positive relationships with food. To kick off the new year, we asked her to share some insight into healthier eating.

  1. What are the goals of Sollus Nutrition Therapy? The goal is to help educate everybody about adapting to eating patterns and a lifestyle that works for them. We live in a very diet-cultured environment, so we’re trying to help realign the purpose of food for people and how we use food, focusing on the physical, mental and emotional needs that relate to everybody. Everyone has different needs, and it’s so important to help clients meet their individual nutritional goals.

  2. Is there a way to increase your metabolism, especially for individuals over age 50? Increasing your metabolism means you are eating and moving your body. Keep your movement up, just by walking 30 minutes a day and doing simple strength and resistance exercises daily. Put some carbohydrates, protein and fat on every plate. It makes a well-rounded meal for digestion and proper utilization of nutrients.

  3. How can you avoid overeating? Don’t skip meals. Always start with breakfast, because it breaks the fast from the night. Drink lots of water throughout the day, and make sure you are eating a variety of foods and don’t restrict yourself too much. If you want a cookie, have one. When we constantly limit ourselves, we tend to overeat. Create a healthy balance of ingredients like chicken and veggies with pasta and fats. You should always allow yourself to enjoy the things you are eating.

Published in Denver Life Magazine


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